Internationally known, Peru's Chef GASTON ACURIO's PERUVIAN CAU-CAU! Made from beef tripe, diced potatoes, fresh corn, chopped onions, bits of oregano, green "yerba buena" leaves and redolent of turmeric, it's hotness depends on how much "Peruvian Aji Amarillo" paste you choose to use.  Served, always, with white rice and sliced or minced fresh Aji Amarillo on top, it is [...]

Peruvian Food Aficionados!

Happy Day!  A Warm Welcome from me to You!  To all of you who visit Kukuli Peruvian Cuisines' blog once in a while and can see how I have been struggling to set it up for a time now! Through these lines I hope to share my recipes of Peruvian cooking as I tasted them [...]